Tuesday, August 8, 2017


After reviewing all my blog entries last week, I realized that there was something missing from my records--my little, fur-facie, Lacey. She's a Shih Tzu/Schnauzer mix and is 100% silly. We love this little furry kid. She was born July 2014. We met her when we were doing our regular commute from ND to Idaho, trying to get the house ready to sell. We spent one day down to Blackfoot at the East Idaho State Fair. One of our favorite exhibits was always the McKee's booth where they had puppies for adoption. This time we stopped in and found this
and promptly fell in love. She was so tiny she could fit in the palm of Tad's hand.
This is probably the only time she didn't pull out her hair ribbons.

Tad had been worried about the amount of time I was spending alone in ND while he was working such long hours, and so he'd been thinking about getting me a puppy. When we first saw her, she was a quiet little thing, but was probably overwhelmed by the relentless attention at the fair. When we went back to pick her up, the shopkeeper told us what a little firecracker she was. And still is!
curled up in her toybox with a few of her balls

She loves her toys and spends lots of time trying to get us to play with her, but she has control issues. She won't let go of her toys so we can throw them for her. She also plays games of her own invention. We don't know what to call it, but when she plays it, it is with specific toys in a specific way. She is so good natured and well-mannered. She isn't a barker unless there is a specific problem she wants to bring to our attention, but mostly is very quiet. She's a snuggler who loves to take her half out of our bed, usually our pillows.
Sharing Daddy's pillow

When her coat grows long enough, she looks like she's wearing a teddy bear suit. 

This was her haircut 5 days later.

We've had her groomed regularly so she's been able to sport several hairdos. She is a princess and loves to dress up, get new necklaces and even wears shoes to protect her feeties from the hot AZ pavements when we go out walking every day.

Christmas 2016

She loves people, kids and most other fur kids. She wants to make friends with everyone she encounters, and has quite a following in our apartment complex. Nearly everyone knows who Lacey is.
Helping me at my desk

We can't even imagine life without our furkid.

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